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  • Abstract The term “corporate social responsibility” became popular in the 1960s and has remained a term used indiscriminately by many to cover legal and moral responsibility more narrowly construed. Actualy, CSR refers to a business practice that involves participating in …, I Want to Learn Better Foundation, iwanttolearnbetter@gmail.com  

  • Over the last three years, the development discourse in India has been abuzz with CSR: its potential and possibilities and problems and challenges.  What can focused, proactive CSR implementation do for India?  This article explores the answers… Consider the following: T…ternationally certified Heal Your Life workshop leader.      

  • Traditionally the role of women, as defined by the cultural norms in India, has been that of caregivers and child-rearers, restricted to some low-paying, marginalised work like household chores, daily wage earners, agricultural labourers etc. The process of women entering the w…orkshops for the students, staff and even parents in the schools.  

  • “Ladki hokar jhoot bhol rahi hai ?–Haw” (Being a woman, how can she possibly be lying… Shocking!) .. were the words which shook me out of my own official conversation with my colleague.  These were the exact words uttered by my housemaid, a clear-headed, efficient, since…contacted at vaidehi@womensynergy.org;jvydehi@hotmail.comor 9711073161

  • Urban Encroachment: The word encroachment is defined in various contexts, whether power, natural resources and property (private or public) but has a common meaning that illegally using the resources on which you don’t have legal rights. If defining in terms of land or physical…stava, IIHMR University, Jaipur E-mail: godblessambey@yahoo.com  

  • There are a growing proportion of women in the world for the past four decades who suffer from poverty and that poverty is becoming a problem that affects more women than men. As per report of “the Fourth World Conference on Women”,   more than 1 billion people in the world…NRLM with Rajasthan State Project Management Unit, RGAVP, Jaipur.  

  • 21st June is declared by United Nations Organization (UNO) as the International Day of Yoga with the slogan, “Yoga for Peace and Harmony”. This declaration is a formal acknowledgement of the universality as regards acceptance and popularity of Yoga all over the world. This de…ala Nairantarya Satkara Sevito Drdha Bhumi” – PYS I : S -14  

  • About CSR As a true citizen, it remains our sole responsibility to contribute in the upliftment of socially and economically feeble part of the society. This has been, to a great extent, been taken care by Public Sector Organizations as well as Non-Government Organizations. How… traveling, music etc . you could reach her at - sjindia2013@gmail.com

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