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  • A discussion of gender stereotypes, social rape and the importance of the He4She campaign. No person deserves to be punished against a gender stereotype. No child deserves to be hit for not conforming to a life of blue or pink. No woman deserves to be raped because she is a les…classes in school children and youth around the world. @EleanorBooth

  • “The ‘environment’ is where we live; and development is what we all do in attempting to improve our lot within that abode. The two are inseparable.” - Our Common Future The environment provides essential material assets and an economic base for human pursuit. Almost hal…ntly improving human health.   By Niraj Chourasia Fiinovation

  • When any calamity, be it flood, cyclone, drought or earthquake, hits any part of the globe, it is the poor people who suffer first and the most. Similarly, the poorest people are the most vulnerable to human-induced climate change, the biggest menace the world is facing of late. …cial inclusion, rural livelihood, CSR , climate change & health. 

  • Environmental resources are limited and sensitive to everything that we do. Over the past couple of decades, we’ve seen extensive developments across the globe. We are starting to experience the effects of the actions of generation that preceded us. To make sure that future ge…a.com/Antarctica%20fact%20file/science/global_warming.php    

  • The world faces an unprecedented challenge from inter?linked economic, social and environmental crises. The well-being of humanity, environment, and functioning of the economy, ultimately depend upon the responsible management of the planet’s finite natural resources. The Inter…communities to achieve equitable and sustainable development.   

  • ‘Consume with care’ compels the adverts and campaigns commemorating 5thJune 2015 as World Environment Day. There is an impact our actions have on the environment; think air pollution, water contamination, land degradation, soil erosion and natural resource depletion. We are…nt of State, Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs, USA.  

  • The murmurs to debates, shouts and agitated actions related to women’s safety following the spiraling rate of rape incidents in various parts of our country, have come to stay in the air for quite some time now, with no significant respite. Markedly moving outward, these are no…at vaidehi@womensynergy.org;jvydehi@hotmail.com or 9711073161.    

  • Do you ever think when and how you started consuming tobacco? Or when you took the first puff of that life wrecking cigarette? Think and ask yourself if you want to arrest your brain permanently with this nicotine demanding disorder. Due to continued and increasing use of tobacco…ncologists who were previously attached to the Tata Memorial Hospital.

  • Tobacco use kills more than 5 million people per year. It is responsible for 1 in 10 adult deaths. Among the five greatest risk factors for mortality, it is the single most preventable cause of death. Eleven per cent of deaths from ischaemic heart disease, the world’s leading k…ousehold-tobacco-and-alcohol-use-and-child-death-in-India-2004.pdf  

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