Environment Conservation a need or business strategy for corporate or a celebrity stunt?


5th June a worldwide accepted a day for celebration mired with slogans, Plantation, awareness rallies coupled with public speech and closed spicy seminar.

The major players and actors are naturally some celebrities from different landscapes, so called environmentalist and journalists. They are themselves the drum beaters, singers and audience and are always busy in appeasing management.

So in my understanding of this important event is an outcome of fearing factor rather volunteering one. When fearing factor becomes of guiding principle, then eventually the altruistic culture does not nurture. 

Therefore my queries start with the following apprehensive look.

Why we Indian have become so clumsy?  Despite the fact that ..........

Respect to nature and environment is in our DNA which has been imbibed in us from the childhood such as watering to plant, worshiping to rivers, worshiping to forest and protection of wild animals by Adivasis are some of the reflection. It is so well embedded in our day to day life, World wide it has been witnessed the negative impact on the imbalance of environment which is posing a  big threat on our day to day life . Especially if we look the emergence of new disease and the almost incurable one has caught the more than 70 % of the population who are less privileged and are unable to bear the cost part. The big celebrities have the accessibility and easy availability of good foods and world class hospitals to enjoy the good health status but what about the poor economy class, middle economy class and partly upper middle class.

Water pollution can cause skin rashes & allergies, all sorts of water-borne infections, vomiting & stomach aches, malfunction of the central nervous system and so on.

Soil pollution is, in a way, connected to water pollution and may cause cancer, headaches, fatigue, and skin rashes and so on.

So, my second query Environmental degradation and it’s  costing to whom? And why these people are left out in the promotional programme of Environment?

Environment for life as an essence is related to each and every living body.  Our every action, reaction and behaviour is accountable to get impacted and to create impact .

As a promotion and conservation of this vital component of life, more than 185 countries volunteeringly  are the signatory members of of world development community such as:  

·        United Nations  Development Programmes ,

·        United Nations  Environment programme ,

·        UN Global Compact

·        World wild organisation, 

·        Millennium Goal Development ,

·        World Council for Sustainable Development and many more

These organisations are well committed to establish the bench marks on the different components for different industries, guides & encourages them for the adoption and promotion of the most appropriate technology.

It has worked remarkably in many ways and the Industries across the world have well accepted the norms and its importance for their survival of the business and to maintain their leadership.

Our country to make the environmental pursuits happen time to time have already taken many polices and for the enforcement of the laws separate Ministry was set called Ministry of Forest and Environment which is accountable to regulate the laws across  the Industries .

However in -spite of all the laws, Acts, its reinforcement mechanism through various means and mechanism the very basic question still  stands as it is that are our business , our lives , nature , soil , air and water are safe ? Are we heading towards sustainability? Or we are just trying to be self content within our match box view?

Therefore  problem has different complexity and its overall impact on the entire planet  and that’s why  the solution has to be sought from radical point of view rather having sustainability effect rather than seeking the shortcut route .

In my understanding the true participation from all section of the society is must.

The Public -Private -Partnership would be the area where integration of knowledge, money and technical skill can play a significant role.

Internal and cross sectional integration among the various Govt. Departments would be essential to work as a single window system for smooth planning , budgeting and monitoring of the programmes .

Integration with Sanitation, Water and Environment is also essential component to bring the collective impact which can also ensure the participation of women, Panchayat and other local bodies.

About the writer:

 Bijay Kumar Singh, a male having age of around 45 years is a CSR professional with experience of more than 14 years from grass root NGOs to different big corporate .To name these two corporate which have National International repute are Aditya Birla Group and ACC Limited (  A Holcim group company ) .  For me, choosing of CSR is my passion as it gives an opportunity to understand the real issues impacting the Human resource values and of course the Environment. This opportunity also gives me to do some value addition in the long chain which ultimately revitalizes my energy to think and work accordingly 

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