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  •   One of the greatest visionary of all times and protagonist of holistic lifestyle, Mahatma Gandhi has said it all long back, precisely in just 13 words… “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed…” Human life started with…wn, white, different colours we are humans, the earth is our home…!

  • Everybody has heard of big fat Indian weddings, a source of much celebration in India. In India no celebration is complete without dancing, singing and, most importantly, firecrackers. The dancing and singing, of course, are enjoyable. However, the firecrackers not only create no…a design for a smart trash, which, once finished can be used by BMC. 

  • The greatest impact of tobacco on the health of both the smoker and non-user of tobacco is grave with attached incurable diseases, leading to an early death with agony and financial loss. The world of health care and medical personals are on a war path to eradicate the habit of u…iabetics, cardio vascular diseases and many common incurable diseases.

  • “Good quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies.” – Desmond Tutu Education is the backbone of every society in this world. But what matters the most is the quality education- a dream for many. In India, out of the 229 million students enrolled …ent. CSR in Education in India is a worthy cause to contribute to! 

  • Maintaining Urban Biodiversity Himanshu Sekhar Panigrahi Development Consultant The increasing domination of nature by humans or the psychological separation of humans from nature is the root cause of biosphere degradation that we are experiencing today. The human-nature d…onal, he is currently engaged in research in CSR policy and execution.

  • When natural disasters strike, the human race comes together surpassing geopolitical boundaries. India and Nepal may have shared the friendly neighborhood banter, but the free movement across the “open borders” definitely indicated a long-standing relationship, that of harmon…rk of recovery and rebuilding is long-term.” -By Dr.HemalBhagat  

  • Good morning Readers! As this section is called ‘Blogs’, I will take the liberty to publish my thoughts, opinions, views, comments or suggestions; either completely fresh or may be published on some other platform already. As long as it is relevant to CSR and seem to add so…back, suggestions and remarks would be greatly appreciated…? Thanks.

  • Mumbai, March 17, 2015 The term CSR has evolved quite rapidly over the last few years especially in India. The fundamentals of CSR rest on the fact that it is not only the public policy but even corporate should be responsible enough to address social issues. Companies are ex…. I think there is a scope for improvement, do you? Padmesh Prabhune

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