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  • It’s good to be good, and it’s good to be Google The company tops the 2014 Global CSR RepTrak ranking from Reputation Institute for the fourth year in a row more than a decade after it first began using the now-famous “Don’t be evil” imperative as its corporate slog…ationinstitute.com/thought-leadership/complimentary-reports-2014  

  • (Does the Indian Film Industry have a Corporate Social Responsibility? If not then why!) Lights! Roll Camera!! Action!!! High boots, Blue jeans with her white shirt on, she stood under the shade, holding her shining new huge broom with a gloved hands to clean versova. “Priya…iti Singh Programmes Team Fiinovation| www.fiinovation.co.in  

  • Come winters, the wedding industry becomes the one with the maximum profit and input of money. . The culminated cost of the wedding markets accounts at a staggering approximation of over a 100 crore rupees a year. The turnover can never be estimated at a real time level because o…to our mother nature… Vipin Vijayan Fiinovation    

  • By Vikas Jha “The Charter of the United Nations begins with recognition of the importance of respect for, protection of,and promotion of human rights as necessary conditions for the establishment of international peace and security and for the promotion of social progress an…roup Leader—Governance and Policy Advocacy at S M Sehgal Foundation.

  • I remember the time, each time when I travelled from Ranchi to Gaya during my college days, I used to have a long conversation with my mom a night before so that I can sleep all the way to avoid boredom. To the memories is added another repetitive situation which broke my slu…heir own world. A world of darkness or delight is still a controversy.

  •   Are we simply trying to know things around us or we are also rigorously trying to understand them as well?  Is there any difference between the two?  Nature offers a wonderful example to us to understand the above.    All animals in general, whether it is predator or…Chennai Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum

  •   Emergence of antibiotic resistant microbes poses a major threat to our health sector.  Even the far developed countries like US and UK are anguished by the emerging multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli and other microbes.  Drug resistant microbes are lar…ha practitioners prescribing allopathic drugs.   Dr S Ranganathan

  • Nature has produced man only as yet another animal in this biome and therefore man is no way different from other animals from the point of view of his evolution or origin.  He was a hunter gatherer once.  The question is what made the man so different as what he is today?  …ial Entrepreneur Forum                .     

  • Only the wrong notion and understanding of the term ‘Siddha Medicine’ has hampered the growth of the most useful system, as stated by a Siddha follower.    Siddha system is holistic way of preserving good health and achieving some relief from incurable diseases.  Siddh…rugs, said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.        Dr S Ranganathan

  • Are the drugs from Siddha system very limited for Siddha private practitioners and that only compels them to prescribe allopathic drugs?  Dr Abdul Abbas, MD –Siddha said, no and it is not true, if Siddha practitioners stick to the fundamentals like offering relief and health, …tematically.      Dr Abdul Abbas, MD- Siddha Dr S Ranganathan

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