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  • At an art workshop in Lucknow, ‘Artists in Residency’ celebrated painter Jatin Das said that art should be patronized and encouraged by corporates as part of their corporate social responsibilities.He further added that corporates should accommodate and give preference to loc… art, and several collectors of antique products for the same purpose.

  •   One Siddha friend said that how the scientific studies on a few Siddha drugs have proved these drugs have some effect?  Does it not mean they are effective?  There is no doubt that the Siddha preparations will have ‘some’ effect.  The confusion comes only when we tend…N and promote Siddha for human welfare.       Dr S Ranganathan

  • Our climate system is collapsing and the international negotiations in Paris, to be held in December 2015, still hold out the best promise for change. The 21st conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC, 2015 Paris climate change Summit, to be held in December in Peru is expected to…Prachi Kathuria Programme Manager – Environment Fiinovation  

  •   At the time of appraisal and performance evaluation of people, the corporate bosses must understand and remember the principle of conservation of mass.  The above law also should be applied to measure the effort versus result produced by different employees.   The law … Chennai Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum

  • Medtronic is a medical technology company that offers services and solutions designed to mitigate pain, reconstitute healthy status for people across the globe and extend their lives at the same time.    The company pride itself for its innovative and collaborative effo…lopment of employee skills and assuring stakeholders interests.  

  • Corporate Social Responsibility is now a universal term that is now being accepted and implemented worldwide.  It is a fact that corporates need to behave responsibly towards environment and social issues, though several critics do argue that the only aim of a business enterpris… they function in. This is a smart business move in a e-smarter world.

  • Sustainability is deeply entangled with the business goals of any enterprise today. Every firm that operates whether on a small or large scale, works with the goal of profit or social service  have their own understanding of what sustainability means and chalk frameworks within …ives for effective long term positivesocial and economic outcome.  

  • In October 2014, the Case Western Reserve University hosted the “Third Global Forum for Businesses as an Agent of World Benefit” in Cleveland. This event which is being organisedfor the past eight years, introduced a theme of “Flourish and Prosper” this year. According …lue by designing smart solutions to make sustainability possible.  

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