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  •   BERHAMPUR: A desalination plant that will convert seawater into potable one is being planned near Gopalpur in Ganjam district. The Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL) has decided to install a 5-million litre per day (mld) capacity plant to meet the industrial and potable drin…water will be solved partially,” Pradhan said.   Source TNN

  •   MUMBAI: In today’s times, when more and more conflicts emerge between a corporate and its publics, the aspect of social responsibility has become much more relevant and business schools. By making Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR as a subject of relevance could actu…and Mr. Narayan Bhargava - Chairman NSB group.   Source TNN  

  • I am a post-doctoral researcher in a department of mechanical engineering somewhere. Specifically, I work in the biomedical engineering section of this department. Which means I (try to) solve problems where biology and mechanics meet. These days I am interested in determining …ures for a smaller stretch? Too many questions!!!! What should I do?

  • This is not a blog in itself, but a set-of-rules for a blog series. As a scientist/researcher, you have to foresee as much as possible the pitfalls in performing a certain work. This is especially important when it is novel, for e.g. writing this yet-to-happen blog series in my c…basis. But more importantly, I am itching to start the Science :))))

  • Who We Are Kenosis Foundation -  India (KFI) is a not for profit making, non-government and a secular Indian based  organization with few years’ experience in the field of health, education, sanitation, micro credit  and community development projects,  acquired across th… ID:kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com Mob: +91 9900724842 Bangalore City

  • Even as developing economies in Asia, such as India, are showing positive signs of growth there is also another side to this story of growth. There continues to exit a huge section of the population that struggles to feed itself two times a day. The existence of the gap is not un…s, including women and minorities..              

  • Trust conducting social and educational activities in the slum area of Dharavi situated in Mumbai since 2001. The Trust is runned by the trustees who are actively engaged in organizing blood donation camp, medical camp for general check up, distribution of food, clothes and unifo…e. 4.     Conducting inter school drawing and sport competition.

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