The film does(n't) Roll!!

(Does the Indian Film Industry have a Corporate Social Responsibility? If not then why!)

Lights! Roll Camera!! Action!!! High boots, Blue jeans with her white shirt on, she stood under the shade, holding her shining new huge broom with a gloved hands to clean versova. “Priyanka Chopra contributes to PM’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”- read the TOI headlines. “Gandhiji said ‘Be the change you want to see’ - thank you @narendramodi for reminding me of that! #MyCleanIndia can happen! #ChangingMindsets,” tweeted the star. 

Like Priyanka, in order to improve their brand Value, few of the celebrities sweep their streets, selected few auction dinner dates with themselves,  volunteer their time with the lesser fortunate, others  auction their attire and other merchandise to raise funds for charity. Interestingly, even their autographs are auctioned for a  billion bucks as a part of their Individual Social responsibility. Undoubtedly, they spread a mystique spell on their fans to say- THEY CARE! YouWeCan (Yuvraj Singh Foundation), Satyamev Jayate (Aamir Khan Productions), Being Human (Salman Khan’s Foundation) are only handful personalities who have created a niche for themselves  to enhance the bond shared with their beloved fans. On one hand where individually the celebrity served the cause, on the other, they have also built a social-brand by creating social entrepreneurial ventures to do good for the society (to further improve his goodwill).  

In country like India, where actors are worshipped nothing less than God, the entertainment and media industry is growing at a fast pace of 11.8%(in 2012) with sky high returns (on the investments), not much has been done to be seen on ground through the CSR initiatives. All what is seen, is On-screen, off the screen, the film doesn’t roll. For the reasons unknown, the industry with a turnover of thousands of crores have not taken a convincing stand on CSR initiatives as of yet. Rather, as a part of the social initiative, either the storyline of the film is knit around a cause, or during the promotions a social cause is promoted, or an NGO’s logo is mentioned in the screen slides and the income generated through the ticket-sale is committed towards the cause. Behind the screen, neither do they donate any money to the NGO, nor does the NGO accept any from them. The silver screen even attracts the NGOs to showcase their brand to a larger audience with a perception, if the people watch it there, they shall know us better. Surprisingly, the association is a form of bartered-business deal.

Further, the growing industry shall make genuine efforts towards conditioning the segments of the society which need undivided attention. With Government’s support to preserve Indian theatre, dance and music, the entire industry must come together to put together their efforts to re-assemble the lost essence of responsibility towards the society.

On completion of the 100th year of Bollywood and for the REALITY-camera to keep rolling , a new story of a better India shall be written, directed, showcased by Hindi Film Industry(Bollywood) to be experienced not only by the super-stars, their fans but even support  the ones who need them the most.

Aditi Singh

Programmes Team



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