Why India needs aggressive CSR Implementation?

India has several poverty issues those appear as chronic diseases. Hunger, nutritional deficiency , lack of technical skill and competencies, poor accountability, high number of sick industrial initiatives , several weak revenue policies, corruption at pick level, favoritism, inadequate and sick systems of nurturing talents, confusing market policies and tax systems. Problems of religious differences and caste based policies and politics are two big chronic problems corroding this country.

Many problems are site specific and can be solved with specific customised solutions and NGOs are good in that. But NGOs are dependent on external funds support. Many professional efficient NGOs are now going dry and dead for this reason. Secondly NGOs are found to be unethical, illogical, anti-national  and corrupt in many cases too.

Corporate bodies have habit of doing things in systematic manner where they give maximum importance on logical things. They act in business mode. They mostly act with proper physical, legal and financial planning as they invest their own money and endowments. Secondly they work and gain profit in the midst of villages or existing populations by taking the privileges of procuring land and availing  other resources of local people. It increases the expectation of locals to gain the privilege of existences of these business bodies. Usually several population influx occurs in these areas and many types of economic patterns develop where outsiders are benefited. This creates a kind of economic disparity and imbalances in the region. Thus certain sections remain dissatisfied and try to harm the corporate in their area. It not only put the organisation in financial loss also weakens the integrity. To safe guard the organisation form this type of sickness there is a need to create community conditions around the corporate house (mines and industries) which equally vibrates with the growth of organisation in positive manner.

Legally corporate houses are now bound with CSR reporting as per the recent Company Act 2013. Therefore again it is more crucial for all of them to follow it and show case their integrity in nation building. Or else there will be several stringent actions against them which will affect their growth, day to day operations, finance and market etc.

Author - Bibhu Prasad Mohanty
Independent  Development Consultant, Coach and Trainer
CSR, Food & Livelihood Security, Gender Equity, Renewable energy

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