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  • Munesh, the founder and CEO of ZNetLive, in a candid conversation with Bilal Hussain, Managing Editor-North CSR Times. Munesh has over 15 years of expertise in the cloud, datacenter and hosting industry. Born and brought up in a middle-class Indian family, Munesh had a passion to…g services to student bodies in colleges is Rs. 11,00,000 + till date.

  • Executive Director at VSO India, Mr. Shaleen Rakesh shares his thoughts on CSR with Managing Editor, CSR Times, Bilal Hussain. Mr. Shaleen Rakesh is Executive Director at VSO India. He has over twenty years of experience with national and international development organisations…r development impact working on the ground with NGO partners in India.

  • Children Toy Foundation (CTF) is a Mumbai-based Non Government Organisation, established in 1982 by Devendra Desai that aims to educate children for acquiring real skills, beyond reading and writing, developing positive attitude and to instill a sense of pride in them. While sp…can hope for the expansion can be granted to the required extent.  

  • CSR Times: Can we just start with a brief about your organization in terms of the CSR activities that you undertake?  Mr. Shivraikar: I am sure you must be aware of the Garware Group. We have a legacy of giving back to the society since 1960’s when our founder late Shri Ab… For more information, please visit http://www.garwareropes.com  

  • CSR Times: Let’s start talking about 3sIndia Solutions. What are your plans to combat sanitation issues? Mr. Rajeev: We have two verticals in the organization currently.One vertical is responsible for providing portable toilet stature for transient population. This would basi…lly safe & comprehensive sanitation and waste management services.

  • CSR Times - We have read a lot about “I Create India” on the website and on different online forums too. We would appreciate if you can highlight and brief us on some of the challenges that you face while working on the field and its methodology for our readers to stay update…s. For More information please visit http://icreateincorporated.org/

  • CSR Times – What made you get into development? Can you just give us some details about your journey? Dr. Marcella Dsouza - I am a physician by training. My focus primarily is community and public health. During my internship in a rural outreach center, I noticed people were …outlines and strategies are being formulated to incorporate this.  

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