CSR initiatives by IT companies can improve India’s socio-economic condition: CEO ZNetLive

Munesh, the founder and CEO of ZNetLive, in a candid conversation with Bilal Hussain, Managing Editor-North CSR Times. Munesh has over 15 years of expertise in the cloud, datacenter and hosting industry. Born and brought up in a middle-class Indian family, Munesh had a passion to be an entrepreneur since his teens and founded ZNetLive at an age of 20 after dropping out of his engineering course. Serving as CEO of ZNetLive since its inception in 2001, Munesh has been instrumental in expanding company’s services over a long period of time in India, where the internet penetration among SMBs is still low and businesses are skeptical in adopting IT services. His enthusiasm for business and technology have helped ZNetLive remain a completely self-funded venture throughout the course of years with no external investors. The central tenet of ZNetLive’s business ideology – i.e. providing SMBs with everything they need to build and manage their online presence has stemmed from Munesh’s passion and vision of providing wholesome web services at nominal competitive costs.

Bilal: Tell us about ZNetLive.

Munesh : ZNetLive is a business unit of ZNET Technologies Pvt. Ltd, founded in 2001. ZNetLive specializes in domain registration, web hosting, dedicated server and cloud solutions. ZNetLive is an ICANN accredited domain registrar and is an established and a leading name in the domain registration and web hosting industry with a customer base that’s spread across 125 countries across the globe.

We have our headquarters setup at Jaipur and have offices and datacenters located at many locations worldwide. The main motto of ZNetLive is to bring the basic necessities to establish an online presence within the reach of everybody. Thus, we always focus on providing quality web hosting services and domain registration at lowest possible price. Currently we are the most economical web host and domain registrar in India.

We strongly support Digital India and we are trying our level best to contribute towards transforming India into Digital India. Our efforts can be seen in many of our services like the Complete Online Bundle which offers a complete online package – domain name, readymade website & a business email ID at just INR 199/month.

We have a long standing partnership with Microsoft and are the first CSP in Rajasthan, wherein we provide our solutions and expertise bundled with Microsoft products- enterprise cloud servers and multiple other cloud solutions for businesses.

We are steadily progressing towards our goal of bringing every Indian online and contributing our bit towards progress of the country.

Bilal: What all different services ZNetLive provides and particularly for NGOs?

Munesh:  ZNetLive offers a vast range of online business solutions – customized as per the needs of an organization. Our basic services include domain registration, web hosting and cloud solutions. We have all kinds of domain names on offer including the latest gTLDs. We also provide all kind of web hosting, and cloud solutions including shared web hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers. Additionally, we offer SSL certificates, Business Email, Website security and website builder tools.

We understand that NGOs selflessly contribute towards the change and sustainable development in a locality, state and the country. NGOs play a great role in bringing a positive shift in the society, and as an organization we find it necessary that we contribute and add-to to such initiatives. We believe that with online presence, NGOs can greatly expand not only their reach, but also manifold the impact of their initiatives.  Being a leading IT solutions provider of India, if we are able to assist NGOs in this direction, there can be nothing better than that.

For all NGOs, we are offering basic Web Hosting services completely free of cost. Also, if NGOs contact us even with their high-end IT demands, and we find it in our capacity that we’re able to assist them without charging anything, we do go out of the way and help them.

We respect and highly appreciate their efforts and want to be able to continue to help them in their endeavors.

Bilal: How do you see mandatory CSR in India?

Munesh : I think that mandatory CSR in India is a very good initiative for the equitable and sustainable growth of our country. The present situation in the country demands great efforts to achieve sustainable development. And, I am of the opinion that only government efforts will be insufficient to achieve the goal of sustainable economic development. And, solely relying on the government and then blaming and labelling it as inefficient will not help in the long run. We must change our approach, and take on mandatory CSR with a positive attitude, if we are serious about India’s development and want to contribute towards it.

It should be a joint effort and thus it’s the moral responsibility of big companies to give back a part of their profit back to the Indian society.

Bilal: Have you so far contributed by any means through CSR to any of the social causes?

Munesh : Yes, we have been contributing our bit of share through various activities. As stated above, NGO hosting is one of ZNetLive’s major CSR initiatives. Among the big list of other CSR activities, I would like to mention our free Student Hosting service. Through this service, ZNetLive is providing free web hosting service including the domain name to the students, so that students in need do not need to spend even a single penny for establishing a website. This initiative of ours is based on the motto, “Students today, Entrepreneurs tomorrow”. Thus, we want that nothing should stop our future generations from achieving their dreams.

Our main focus are students as they are the ones who can bring about a positive change in our country, so we are also sponsoring a lot of college entrepreneurship cells on a regular basis throughout the country - IIT Kharagpur, IIT Mumbai and PES University’s are just to name a  few. Through this, we promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students and provide free web hosting service and domain name for the festival and also to the contest winning students.

Apart from these, we have been regularly organizing and supporting many charity programs like distributions of clothes among the under privilege, blood donation camps etc.

We also support initiatives to save our environment like Cyclothon, Green India, Save Water etc.

Bilal: Do you think IT companies like yours should contribute their bit towards society and environment cause?

Definitely, IT companies should contribute their bit of share towards society and environment. After all, IT companies today are the driving force of Indian economy and their small contributions can make as big an impact on the social front as they are making on the business front.

I think that CSR initiatives by IT companies can be a driver of change for the country’s socio-economic health and can contribute a major role in improving it. India is changing and is changing for the good and not only IT, but every responsible corporate organization should contribute their share for this change.

Bilal: How many NGOs are currently availing ZNetlive’s NGO Hosting for free?

Munesh : Currently 54 NGOs are associated with ZNetLive and are availing our standardized services completely free of cost.

Bilal: What is the total amount ZNetLive has incurred at its end to provide NGOs services for free?

Munesh : Post launch of its free NGO hosting services in mid-2015, ZNetLive has incurred a total amount of Rs. 3,07,152 at its end.

Bilal: How much amount of money has ZNetLive invested in sponsoring student hosting and providing services to student bodies in colleges?

Munesh: The total amount, combining free student hosting + providing services to student bodies in colleges is Rs. 11,00,000 + till date.

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