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  • CSR Times – Child Sex Abuse is a very sensitive topic and we have been receiving reports related to it very frequently. What are your views on this and the difficulties you face while working in community?   Pooja Taparia-Obviously, we do face a lot of difficulties. From …uraskaar’ award by I CONGO in year 2010 for her work on Child Abuse.

  • CSR Times - So, let’s talk about “Armman”. We would like to know what it is, what you do and how you do it? Though it’s all mentioned on the website but would be great if you can shed some more light on it too, to help us get an overall picture from you personally. Dr …rgency Response Operations). For more information visit www.armman.org

  • Jane Ellen Schukoske, CEO of S M Sehgal Foundation, India, in conversation with Achal R. Chauhan, Director CSR TimesPlease describe your organization’s Vision, Mission, and Objectives and the organization’s legacy so far. Sehgal Foundation is working together with people i…information about S M Sehgal Foundation, visit www.smsfoundation.org

  • CSR Times - As Gravis has its operations in one of the most difficult geographical zone in India, we would like to know how it started and a brief about the journey of organization and operational areas. Dr Prakash Tyagi - Gravis was founded 31 years ago in 1983 in the state of… internationally, and he has served on multiple boards and committees.

  • CSR Times: We would like to start with the journey of Pratham Books. How it started? And what was the vision of the founding members? Suzanne Singh: We set up Pratham Books as a not for profit organization 10 years ago in 2004. The reason we set it up was that there were major…o serves on the Boards of Akshara Foundation and United Way Bengaluru.

  • CSR Times: Can you brief us about your book, “Karma Kurry”? Jeroninio Almeida: Book tells true stories of real heroes. The first book was published in Dec 2013, almost 11 months ago and became a best seller in no time. In fact we have also signed up an agreement for ten…now more about Jeroninio Almeida and iCONGO please visit www.icongo.in

  • 1. Kindly brief us about your organization’s Vision, Mission and Objectives as well as organizations legacy.   Response: As a socially responsible corporate, Deepak Fertilizers Petrochemicals Corporation Limited (DFPCL) is committed to social thought and action and is…rooted issues on some of the aspects I have already highlighted above.

  •   CSR Times: As your Organization work for social development can you share Mission and Objective of Swades Foundation.   Mr. Praveen Aggarwal: Yes our vision is Rural Empowerment, using the transformational 360 degree model, following best practices, utilizing modern tec…ain, where you can look-out for partnerships.          

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