Infosys achieves new milestones in environment sustainability

Infosys has recognized the formidable challenges which climate change and dwindling natural resources can cause to the world. We are relentlessly striving to do more with less, to transform the world to a sustainable one. Sustainability forms the cornerstone of our operations and is strongly etched in our core business strategy.We have initiated goals of becoming carbon neutral, reducing per capita energy consumption by 50%, and source 100% electricity from renewable sources by the year 2018 against the baseline year 2008, among others.We are constantly pushing boundaries to achieve our goals and significantly improve our triple bottom-line performance for the betterment of the society as a whole. Over the years, with constant focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, waste management and biodiversity, we have achieved new milestones in environmental sustainability.Today, Infosys has 14 buildings with LEED Platinum and 4 buildings with GRIHA 5-star rating. This covers a total of about 5.25 million sq.ft. of built-up area with the highest level of green certification.


Concentrated efforts on super-efficient designs, innovative technologies, smart automation, deep green retrofits, renewable energy, and more importantly continuous monitoring at a granular level, have helped us set new benchmarks for the industry.Our buildings are designed with an efficient envelope having appropriate orientation, insulated walls and roof, optimized window-wall ratio of less than 30%, and high performance glazing with adequate shading. These interventions enable maximum daylight penetration into the building with little or no glare, providing a natural and healthy work environment to the employees.


In addition to creating the most efficient new buildings, we are also aware of the potential for saving energy in our existing buildings. As a result, we have undertaken deep green retrofits for our air conditioning and UPS systems to achieve significant energy savings. We have achieved 15 MW and 10 MW reduction in connected load in the last four years through air conditioning and UPS retrofits respectively. Most retrofits have a short payback period of less than three years with the life of equipment being more than ten years, thus making them financially viable for implementation.


We have redefined building designs by adopting innovative technologies. For instance, Infosys has pioneered the radiant cooling technology in India through radiant slab and radiant panel based cooling systems. Infosys building in Hyderabad is the first radiant cooled commercial building in India and the biggest comparison of cooling systems in the world. The latest in our kitty is ‘Radiflux’ for cooling, which has been developed in-house. These panels are two times more efficient than other products available in the market, need 50%  lesser time for installation and are highly cost effective. They are much more efficient, flexible and easily replicable. This solution can be deployed inlarge scale and has the potential to revolutionize the way cooling is done in buildings in future. We have patents pending in India, U.S. and Europefor this product.


We follow a data-driven approach to optimize our operations. As a result, we have metered and monitored each and every equipment and system, including lighting systems at each floor, to facilitate granular level monitoring. Our Central command center in Bangalore connects all our building management systems, and helps us remotely monitor and optimize our building operations from one single place. Operations data flowing into the command center from various systems across different campuses is used to review and optimize operations, drive resource conservation, perform fault detection and diagnostics, and ensure a high level of comfort and indoor air quality to our building occupants.


As a result of these interventions, we have reduced our per capita electricity consumption by 46%in the last seven years. We have also achieved an energy performance index of 80 kwh/sq. m/year, among the lowest in the industry. The high performance buildings built by Infosys have demonstrated that with today’s technology we can design buildings which will consume one third of the energy of normal buildings at no extra capital costs.  These achievements are all the more impressive given that most of these energy efficiency investments have a payback of less than three years and can be easily replicated in other commercial buildings.


We see real opportunities for the solar market in India and strongly believe that solar has the capability to become the mainstream power source in India. We are the first Indian company to join the RE 100 initiative, a global platform for major companies committed to 100% renewable power. In fiscal 2015, about nearly 29 percent of the total electricity needs was met from renewables. Currently, we have 3.2 MW of solar PV installations across our campuses in India and we plan to increase it to 175 MW in the next few years through on-site and off-site installations. We are also planning a 40 MW solar park in Karnataka which will power our offices in Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore.


We are working towards making our campuses water sustainable. Water efficient fixtures have been installed for optimizing water use, sewage treatment plants have been built for 100% recycling and reuse of wastewater, 67 deep-injection well systems (capacity of about 3.3 million liters per day) and 25 lakes have been constructed for groundwater recharge. We are also in the process of installing smart water meters for continuous monitoring and to eliminate water wastage and achieve optimization. With this, we have reduced our per capita water consumption by nearly 35% in the last six years.


For waste management, we strive to minimize the amount of waste going to landfills. We have achieved 100% segregation of waste and are recycling our waste through scientific means. We have installed biogas plants and organic waste converters to recycle food waste into biogas rich manure.Additionally, we have also planted more than 4 lakhs trees across our campuses to promote and conserve biodiversity.


When it comes to resource conservation and sustainability, Infosys has always been at the forefront. We continue to demonstrate that such interventions are not just environmentally sound, but also financially viable and replicable by the larger world. We believe in questioning every assumption to bring about a transformation in the world. We take calculative risks and demonstrate leadership in implementing innovative technologies and set new benchmarks for the industry.


By - Mr. Guruprakash Sastry, Regional Manager- Infrastructure, Infosys

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