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  • CSR in Banking Sector in India (FY 2014-15), an analysis and data-sheet of projects and partners in FY 2014-15, prepared by Research Desk, NGOBOX- online development sector platform- in an e-book format having 40 pages and a price tag of INR 328. The report is a modest attempt …al 2014-15. Written by: BILAL HUSSAIN, CSR Times, bilal@csrtimes.com

  • Ensuring constant availability of safe drinking water has been a concern in a number of states in India for more than decades now. Over the years, the situation has intensified due to global warming, increase in the level of pollution and frequent natural disasters etc.  The inc…re accounts of the suggested approach of ‘Collaborative Solution’.

  • Planting a tree is not just digging the soil and planting a sapling. The key lies in nurturing the planted saplings which, if done properly, will contribute immensely in increasing green cover and ensuring ecological balance. With an objective of planting and nurturing the plan…ng the much needed social economic transformation in the country.  

  • Appreciating the new- generation growth in the use of mobile applications, more commonly known as apps, the Vodafone Foundation in partnership with NASSCOM started the Mobile for Good (M4G) Awards in the year 2011 and is now in its consecutive fifth year. M4G is a unique idea o…imes’ conversation with Mr. Shrikant Sinha, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation.

  • “A city is not an accident but the result of coherent visions and aims.” - Leon Krier, architectural theorist and urban planner   Introduction  It is true that investing in sustainable development is complexas it requires time, money and political will, but at the …eneral Assembly (UNGA) and United Nations Security Council (UNCS)  

  • IRCTC has taken up a new noble cause. In a bid to uplift the underprivileged youth, IRCTC has taken up the responsibility to give skilled training to auto rickshaw and taxi drivers.  They will receive training in developing a better rapport with their passengers and also other t…undertaken in collaboration with IRCTC are certified and valid.    

  • The state of ecological and economic scenario is in turmoil all over the globe. This has largely divided justice seekers into 2 groups. Measures taken till now, be it dominating the Paris climate summit with the green economy approach, or the sustainable development approach, h…ed, other alternatives also need to be looked at and given a chance. 

  • The Tata group of industries headed by Ratan Tata has always been on the forefront when it comes to contributing to the development India at any level. They proved this fact yet again, when Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) the IT services provider arm of the Tata group, partici…available technology to ensure timely completion of this mega project.

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