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  • The refurbished face of the initiative ‘Skilling India’, will be launched on the fifteenth of this month. A slow venture so far, it is going to have to aim for more in the future. India’s demographic dividend, constitutes a big and vital target of this initiative. Statistic… they could make India a super power in the Human Resource Sector.  

  • There has been steady open deliberation of corporate social obligation and profits, both in the business world and in academic field since Milton Friedman’s book; Capitalism and Freedom, was published. Also, now the open deliberations have risen above to another level, whether …es, and the thing that constitute the sides are the same, “Money”.

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has been the ultimate benchmark for effective sustainability reporting since the late 1990s. With a strong team of thousands of reporters spread in over 90 countries, GRI’s effective standards on sustainability reporting and disclosure aids bus…atistics to facilitate others to flourish based on its standards.  

  • Maneka Gandhi, Union minister scrutinized business chambers like Assocham, Ficci and CII, saying they were “non- serious” about the administration’s social welfare exercises. She also added that attending their functions are wastage of time. Maneka left many in the audience…assets of the nation and give back nothing to the general public.  

  • Among the many initiatives of the UN system, the observance of one day in the year dedicated to a cause or theme is notable.  These “days” focus attention of governments, NGOs and even schools and colleges on the theme. They raise awareness, bring out new ideas and help form…ternationally certified Heal Your Life workshop leader.      

  • Countries with developing business sector, shaped the biggest share of submissions for UAE’s annual Zayed Future Energy Prize, and India is driving this pack. The USD 4 million honor for creative commitments to the eventual fate of energy and economic improvement is up for grab… surely contributed towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

  • The recent edition of Dr. Subhash Chandra Show put forth an interesting question. It tries to explore a disputed territory where answers are yet to be discovered. Do companies genuinely do well as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) or has it turned into one big g… to solve the real issue or challenges that our society faces today. 

  • With several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities streaming all over, there was a need felt for having a common access portal or a platform to connect, update and network all of these. All the CSR participating organizations, including corporations, NGOs and Governmen…R participants to upload snapshots of their activities for all to see.

  • Consumers are quite wary and sceptical of what they are consuming and how nutritious or safe is the food on their palate. The dairy industry of Australia is living up to these expectations from the consumers to assure them of the quality of products coming out from their dairies.…resources consumption considerably.   image source - drcaroladams

  • India has the culture of giving and donating, but to do so in the correct and accurate manner is the concern today. Charities Aid Foundation [CAF] is an organization that not only facilities the act of donating, it also guides donors and charity gives toward the correct methods a…in near future by involving dedicated teams, organizations and donors.

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