The/Nudge Foundation inks CSR pact with Godrej Saloni

The/Nudge Foundation, a non-profit focused on sustainable poverty alleviation at scale, announced a partnership with Godrej Saloni, a CSR initiative of Godrej Consumer Products Limited. The partnership focuses on imparting life-skills and beautician training at residential Gurukuls across India.

The partnership hopes to help a 100,000 beneficiaries given the goal both The/Nudge Foundation and Godrej Saloni have individually set themselves of pulling 1 million people out of poverty by developing employability, by the year 2020.

Founder & CEO, The/Nudge Foundation, Atul Satija told CSR Times “Between Godrej and The/Nudge there exists a very strong synergy towards our common goal of eradicating poverty. With our association with Godrej, Mr. Nilekani’s recent investment as well as other associations and partnerships we are working towards, we believe we are firmly on our way towards making a sustainable difference to the lives of at least a million people by the year 2020. Empowering people to make their lives productive for themselves as well as others, and boosting their self-worth, is a very powerful motivating force for us.”

Commenting on the partnership, Poulami Pal, Deputy General Manager, Godrej Consumer Products Limited said, “At Godrej, as at The/Nudge Foundation, our focus is on creating a change that helps generations into the future, not just the present. With this partnership, we hope to bring light to the lives of a 100,000 people nationwide. Life skills training may seem very basic, but basic often translates into foundation, and that is what we are trying to lay for the beneficiaries of this initiative.”

Worth mentioning that the/Nudge Foundation also recently announced a $200K donation from Nandan Nilekani, former CEO of Infosys and erstwhile Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India. 

Bilal Hussain

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