CSR Reports

  • Below is the direct link to view and download Tata Consultancy Services Corporate Sustainability Report - 2013-2014   http://www.tcs.com/about/corp_responsibility/cs-report/Documents/GRI-2013-Sustainability-Report-061014.pdf

  • Working for the benefit of society” has been the core value of OMRON ever since the company‘s founding in 1933.This core value has been passed down over the years and is still central to OMRON’s CSR principles. Sharing our CSR principles with our 36,000 employees around the… activities and be environmentally aware in their everyday activities.

  • “We believe that an enterprise can survive, sustain its growth, and contribute to society only if it consistently aligns its core values and operational responsibilities with its social responsibilities. At Huawei India, we strive to respond to need gaps, both in the regions wh…he sustainable development of the economy, society and environment.”

  • The Cisco approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to use our expertise, technology, and partnerships to create positive impact around the world. We believe that being socially and environmentally responsible is good for people and the planet, and essential to the lon…l as about the challenges we face. Download the 2013 Cisco CSR Report.

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