Cisco's CSR initiatives over our fiscal year 2013

The Cisco approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to use our expertise, technology, and partnerships to create positive impact around the world. We believe that being socially and environmentally responsible is good for people and the planet, and essential to the long-term sustainability of our business.
About the Cisco CSR Report

Cisco CSR strategy prioritizes the issues that are most important to our business and to our stakeholders, identified through a formal materiality assessment. We use the Cisco CSR Report to communicate our approach, objectives, progress, and challenges around these high-level priorities:

    Governance and Ethics
    Supply Chain
    Our People

We encourage feedback from stakeholders, and we use this report to respond to those with whom we have engaged throughout the year. We aim to be open and transparent about our progress, as well as about the challenges we face. Download the 2013 Cisco CSR Report.

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