I have learned to say NO - Even to the Cancer

Please tell us about your journey

I was diagnosed of Ovarian Cancer in August 2012. Initially it all started with a Urine infection. Since it wasn’t getting cured for a while, I decided to visit a gynecologist and she put me on some medications but it still wasn’t giving me the desired results and then eventually I came in contact with Mr. Gupte who is an amazing doctor. Upon meeting Mr. Gupte, he pointed out that the problem might be something entirely different, because if it was just the urine infection then the antibiotics should have done its job of curing the infection. That’s when we decided to do the sonography and wasdiagnosed with a hugetumor on the right side of my ovary. It was 15cmsX15cms in size. Immediately that cleared all the doubts and he confirmed 99.99% possibility of cancer. As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer I underwent 6 chemo sessions in the same month and had kicked the cancer off my body. But for this type of cancer one needs to do blood test almost every 3 months. So I did.

For about 6 months my reports showed no signs of cancer, but then in December 2013 ovarian cancer resurfaced, which simply shocked me and I kept wondering why it would resurface since I had done everything right, followed every instructions that the doctors gave, went through all the chemo sessions. I went to the hospital to get myself checked again and they confirmed that it has now affected my intestine which needs to be operated immediately and undergo another 4 chemo sessions. All this happened in December 2013 and I managed to go through all of it again, survived and beat the cancer yet again.  But by this time I was under immense depression. That’s when I decided that I need to do something about it or else it will keep coming back and I will never be able to live my life to the fullest.

Initially while I was undergoing treatment for cancer I had gone through some counselling sessions but it dint make that much of a difference. When I went through Journey, Mind and Body counseling and met Mithali, it gave me great positivity. That’s when she taught me that it’s not just about curing the tumor it’s also about curing your body, mind and soul by telling that you want to be cured. This worked wonderfully for me as I have been clear of cancer for almost 6 months now.  I walk for about 5-7 kms every day and go trekking for about 7-8 kms every Sunday. My lifestyle has changed completely now.Before going to bed I think off the good things I have done today for my body and mind or that whether I have eaten right.For about 2 hours during the day all I do is sit quietly and meditate and keep self-motivating myself.

I have now learned to say NO, think about myself before everyone else. Sure it does come across as being selfish but that’s the best way now for me, and I have come to realize that. People don’t realize how difficult it is for the one who have gone through all the mental stress that comes along while fighting this battle against cancer and while experiencing the horrendous pain during chemo sessions.

What will be your message to those people who undergo chemotherapy and experience excruciating pain? Their families are suffering a lot too.

My message to the family members is that, they need to understand that it’s the opportunity given by God to learn from the hardships of life. Suffering from cancer teaches the patients and the family to stay positive during this ordeal. They should not treat this as end of world or end of life situation. It’s just like diabetes or a heart attack. The stronger you stay the better support you will be able to provide to the patient.

How was your experience for Pinkathon?

It’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve never had so many friends in my life but after coming in association with Pinkathon, I came in contact with so many good people not necessarily cancer patients. Today I think of myself as a winner, because if I can beat cancer twice then I can beat anything in life.I served as a Sub-inspector in the police department for 5 years. After leaving the police force I pursued software course and worked as a software engineer for another 5 years. But today I have given that up to take care of my child as I want to devote all my time towards him as he is the most important part of my life.

When cancer hit me the 1st time and I overcame, it pretty much left me unchanged mentally. But when it hit the second time that’s when things changed. So I would like to think that the only reason the cancer came back was to teach me the things I never paid attention to and to change my life for good. Now I have fully recovered, mentally, emotionally and physically. I feel stronger than ever and this is my status of mind at the moment.

Story of Ms Snehal - Who fought with cancer and emerged as a Cancer Winner

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