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Choco Niwant

Mrs. Meera Badve started ‘Niwant’ in her own bungalow of same name about 20 years ago with a single kid for the empathy and concern she felt while rendering her honorary services to the students in the Blind school of Pune. It became her passion and mission with a vision to empower the sightless youth to further their studies after basic schooling. Her husband Mr. Anand Badwe, a small scale industrialist joined the mission wholeheartedly and the journey became brighter than anticipated. Anand has brought in a lot of technology which has helped Niwant grow to new and higher standards. 

The focus of Niwant is on the development of the MIND; BODY & SOUL of those visually challenged students who want to pursue higher studies after passing grade 10th. Such students are taught all the core subjects required. Education was the first aspect that Meeratai were concerned about and in due course she realized the dire need of employment her angels should have and an idea of Skill Development got a form and norm in the process. In addition they are taught skills that will enable them to integrate easily into ‘normal’ society. The concept here is to ensure all round development so that the students do not consider themselves ‘abnormal’.

With more than 1000 students, 15 Braille libraries, a software firm (TechVision), a chocolate making branch (Choco Niwant) and tons of other activities with the support of many well-wishers, Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalaya (NAMV) aims to make the world more beautiful a place to live in! Society also recognized this altruistic effort with noble approach and helped with all the generosity in cash and kind as well as awards and rewards. There is no place left on the shelf at the entrance of Niwant for any more Awards, however they never stop coming in!

Choco Niwant is the chocolate making branch of NAMV. Chocolate making is one of the vocational activities conducted at Niwant. Visually Impaired students at NAMV make & wrap and conduct of sale of these chocolates. Proceeds from these chocolates are used by the students to pay for their education and livelihood. The response for chocolate sales has been overwhelming from all sectors of the society in general and Corporates in particular. In the fourth year of Choco-Niwant, turnover has reached 4 Lakhs and it is all set to make it a Brand-name in the Chocolate Industry with a creative vision! 

With the help of partially blind friends, these children do all the shopping of raw material from Mumbai entirely on their own by selecting good quality material for the chocolates as well as packing. ‘We need to have attractive packing also to ‘stand the competition’ they say! In this process the students also get training in self-reliance, selling and marketing skills. NAMV has procured contracts with All for a Smile, Arya Omni, Bharat Forge, Crystal Honda, C. T. Pundols, 3DPLM, Geometric Software, Neilsoft, SAS, SunGard, etc.

So much so, that after looking at the way in which these students sell excellent quality chocolates, many individuals have approached them to learn their chocolate making, wrapping and packaging technique! NAMV has taught many organizations how to make these chocolates. And as if all this is not awe-inspiring enough, these children have their own CSR beyond any obligation in form of donation of to the organizations working for Schizophrenia and Autism Center, each 1% of the profit they make from the sale of Choco-Niwant. Now this is the most profound empirical lesson of CSR to the (corporate) world!

“My children work very hard for Choco-Niwant at the time of Diwali. While continuing their studies, they work in 2 shifts to complete the orders. Many corporate companies place their orders every year. HSBC has built 2 special rooms for this creatively sweet initiative of Choco-Niwant and we are grateful to all who support this activity that encourages my students and brightens their Diwali…!”

Choco Niwant offers the following varieties of chocolates:


Flavored Choco:

  • Plain Dark
  • Butterscotch
  • Strawberry
  • Orange


Dry Fruit Choco:

  • Raisin
  • Roasted Cashew
  • Roasted Almond
  • Crushed nuts
  • Coffee Almond


These chocolates have a shelf life of more than 6 months stored at room temperature 25 – 30° C.


Niwant Andha Mukta Vikasalaya

Niwant, Plot no. 75, S.No.33

Vidyanagar, Pune – 411032

Contact: 9923772375 / 9422033122

email :


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